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“Building Trust” and FOI Refusals

Judy Curry has written many posts on “climate communications”, linking to a small academic industry to which Andy Revkin, Keith Kloor and others pay attention to. Whenever I read one of these articles, I cannot help thinking that academic concepts of “communication” are forged far too much by their day-to-day experience with essentially captive audiences […]

Curry on the “Inquiries”

The majority of the climate science “community” appear to be so desperate for affection that they’ve proclaimed wind utility chairman Oxburgh’s love to the rooftops merely because of a few sweet nothings whispered in their ears. (Words of love so soft and tender.) Their gratitude is so great that they are willing to overlook the […]

Another Curry Editorial

Another good editorial by Judy Curry here. Dealing with a problem begins by acknowledging it.

Curry: On the credibility of climate research

Judy Curry writes in as follows: Having been riveted for the last few days by posts in the blogosphere on the HADCRU hack and the increasing attention being given to this by the mainstream media, I would like to provide an “external but insider” assessment and perspective.

Curry: On the credibility of climate research

Judy Curry writes in as follows: (please comment here)

SST Revisions and Hurricanes

Judith Curry writes: we are obviously interested in the implications of this SST issue for hurricanes.

Curry on the Wegman Reports

Here are Judith Curry’s Comments on the Wegman Report. I appreciate these sorts of contributions and am obviously relying on such contributions (Willis, bender, etc.) more and more.


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