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Baby whirls: improved detection of marginal tropical storms

With the North Atlantic hurricane season officially starting in a couple weeks (June 1), but possibly getting a head start with a developing low-pressure system in the Bahamas, considerable attention will be paid by the media to each and every storm that gets a name. In the North Atlantic, a name is granted to a […]

EPA, CCSP and Hurricanes

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Here’s a personal beef about a small point in the hurricane debate which CA readers may recall, which came to mind out of the EPA finding and Technical Support Document, which have a LOT to say about hurricanes and which rely relying on CCSP 3-3. (Perhaps I’ll review this […]

Great Depression! Global hurricane activity reaches new lows.

Post by Ryan N. Maue, Florida State University COAPS Global hurricane activity has decreased to the lowest level in 30 years. Figure: Global 24-month running sum time-series of Accumulated Cyclone Energy updated through April 21, 2009. Very important: global hurricane activity includes the 80-90 tropical cyclones that develop around the world during a given calendar […]

SST Revisions and Hurricanes

Judith Curry writes: we are obviously interested in the implications of this SST issue for hurricanes.