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Hurricanes 2010

Since the last hurricane related post, some news has occurred on the hurricanes front. Nature Geosciences article by Knutson et al. (2010) discussing the linkages between tropical cyclones and climate change / global warming — as an update to the IPCC AR4 statements Whether the characteristics of tropical cyclones have changed or will change in […]

Kerry Emanuel Boston Globe Opinion: Climate Changes Are Proven Fact

Dr. Kerry Emanuel from MIT wades into the climate change debate with an opinion piece in the Boston Globe.  Dr. Emanuel has not been particularly outspoken on the climate change topic but has from time to time participated in debates and forums that have provided an opportunity to opine.  On the heels of Hurricane Katrina, […]

Shoveling into the wind: Blizzards and global warming

Update:  Feb 14 2010:  Dana Milbank of the Washington Post provides his perspective: (emphasis mine) As a scientific proposition, claiming that heavy snow in the mid-Atlantic debunks global warming theory is about as valid as claiming that the existence of John Edwards debunks the theory of evolution. In fact, warming theory suggests that you’d see […]

What to do with the IPCC?

Update:  Feb 13, 2010 NY Times letter to the editor by Paul Epstein deserves a quotation here: That fossil fuel industry-financed forces are continuing their campaign to undermine the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and its chief scientists should not distract us from what we know about our climate. Two physical findings stand […]

Odd-ball winter weather caused by Global Warming: NWF

Put this in the column:  you knew it was coming… Watts Up With That:  NWF’s winter weather wackiness As Steve outlined in the WWF and the EPA Endangerment Finding, the IPCC relied upon the World Wildlife Fund’s  production of non-peer-reviewed literature as a climate science authority.  Anthony reports on the IPCC being riddled with WWF […]

Increased Atlantic hurricane landfalls from a new form of El Nino?

Figures: Top: Eastern Pacific Warming (EPW) Atlantic storm tracks for seasons indicated on the plot. EPW is the “traditional El Nino”. Bottom left: Central Pacific Warming (CPW) or the “new” El Nino described in the paper and right: Eastern Pacific Cooling or La Nina. Track legend: [TS,Hurr,Major,Cat5]:[blue,green,red,pink] A new paper by Kim, Webster, and Curry […]

Hurricane watch 2009: scraping the bottom

With the North Atlantic hurricane season still waiting for a named storm, and the rest of the globe cyclonically challenged during the past several months, it is a good time to catch up on the research end of things. In terms of papers during the past 6-8 months, the amount of tropical cyclone and climate […]

Recent study on decreasing US wind energy not as advertised

Wind speed trends over the contiguous USA by Pryor et al. (2009, in press, JGR) Some (read on to see who) would say that this particular wind farm energy reduction study is speculative, inconclusive, preliminary, and premature, and with the authors’ hesitant equivocation in press interviews, even they may agree with that particular straw man. […]

Baby whirls: improved detection of marginal tropical storms

With the North Atlantic hurricane season officially starting in a couple weeks (June 1), but possibly getting a head start with a developing low-pressure system in the Bahamas, considerable attention will be paid by the media to each and every storm that gets a name. In the North Atlantic, a name is granted to a […]

Great Depression! Global hurricane activity reaches new lows.

Post by Ryan N. Maue, Florida State University COAPS Global hurricane activity has decreased to the lowest level in 30 years. Figure: Global 24-month running sum time-series of Accumulated Cyclone Energy updated through April 21, 2009. Very important: global hurricane activity includes the 80-90 tropical cyclones that develop around the world during a given calendar […]