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Kevin O’Neill’s “Fraud” Allegations

Over the past year or so, Mann’s “ClimateBall” defenders have taken an increasing interest in trying to vindicate Mannian principal components, the flaws of which Mann himself has never admitted.  Indeed, in Mann’s self-serving Hockey Stick Wars, Mann once again claimed that the defective method was simply an “alternative centering convention”. So far, I’ve taken little […]

Moderate Low Weight

(This post is by Jean S.) A few days ago Steve discussed Raymond Bradley’s objection to use of the Yang Chinese composite reconstruction in the Mann et al Eos-response to Soon & Baliunas (2003). Bradley called the series “crap”, and demanded it to be removed from Figure 2 in the Eos article. It is not […]

The Hockey Stick and the Milankovitch Theory

The 20th century warming counters a millennial-scale cooling trend which is consistent with long-term astronomical forcing. MBH99 According to the UMass researchers, the 1,000-year reconstruction reveals that temperatures dropped an average of 0.02 degrees Celsius per century prior to the 20th century. This trend is consistent with the “astronomical theory” of climate change, which considers […]

The MBH99 CO2 "Adjustment"

We’ve all had enough experience with the merry adjusters to know that just because someone “adjusts” something doesn’t necessarily mean that the adjustment makes sense. A lot of the time, the adjuster arm waves through the documentation and justification of the adjustment. Today I’m going to work through aspects of one of the most problematic […]

Bristlecone "Adjustment" #2

The bristlecone pine "adjustment" for CO2 fertilization in MBH99, while genuflecting to Graybill and Idso [1993], is completely different as seen in Figure 1 below.

Bristlecone "Adjustment" #1

There has been some recent chatline discussion on whether the MBH98 bristlecone pine series were “adjusted” for non-climatic factors. A number of posters seem to think that they were so “adjusted. For example, Tom Rees said on http://www.davidappell.com: on Monday, January 31st, Tom Rees said Me again… James: Mann et al 1999 seem to be […]