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Moderate Low Weight

(This post is by Jean S.) A few days ago Steve discussed Raymond Bradley’s objection to use of the Yang Chinese composite reconstruction in the Mann et al Eos-response to Soon & Baliunas (2003). Bradley called the series “crap”, and demanded it to be removed from Figure 2 in the Eos article. It is not […]

Muir Russell and the Briffa Bodge

There has been some recent discussion of the Briffa bodge – an early technique to hide the decline. I had drafted a post on the topic and its handling by the Muir Russell “inquiry” in early July 2010, but did not publish the post at the time. In today’s post, I’ve slightly updated my July […]

“these will be artificially adjusted”

The emails are only the start of this. The zip includes data and code. Reader Neal writes as follows (SM Note: Anthony reports below that he has verified these comments in the following location /documents/osborn-tree6/mann/oldprog in the files maps12.pro maps15.pro maps24.pro): People are talking about the emails being smoking guns but I find the remarks […]

New Light on Old Fudge

One of my first blog postings was on Briffa’s very first fudging (2011 update: the “Briffa bodge”) of a temperature reconstruction – his adjustment of the Tornetrask reconstruction – a reconstruction that is used in virtually every study. This was one of the first encounters with the Divergence Problem. Tornetrask MXD went down in the […]

"Modern Sample Bias", RCS and Briffa’s "Adjustment"

Briffa’s Ph.D. student, Thomas Melvin, discusses the important impact of “modern sample bias” on RCS chronologies, discussing Tornetrask and Finnish sites in detail.

Briffa’s Tornetrask Reconstruction

Briffa’s temperature reconstruction from Tornetrask (northern Sweden) tree rings is a staple of multiproxy studies, used in Bradley and Jones [1993], Hughes and Diaz [1994], Jones et al. [1998], MBH98, MBH99, Briffa and Crowley and Lowery [2000], Briffa et al. [2000], Bradley, Hughes and Diaz [2003], Mann and Jones [2003], Jones and Mann [2004]. Briffa […]

Bristlecone "Adjustment" #1

There has been some recent chatline discussion on whether the MBH98 bristlecone pine series were “adjusted” for non-climatic factors. A number of posters seem to think that they were so “adjusted. For example, Tom Rees said on http://www.davidappell.com: on Monday, January 31st, Tom Rees said Me again… James: Mann et al 1999 seem to be […]