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Moderate Low Weight

(This post is by Jean S.) A few days ago Steve discussed Raymond Bradley’s objection to use of the Yang Chinese composite reconstruction in the Mann et al Eos-response to Soon & Baliunas (2003). Bradley called the series “crap”, and demanded it to be removed from Figure 2 in the Eos article. It is not […]

Re-scaling the Mann and Jones 2003 PC1

Hans Erren has digitized the Ababneh Sheep Mountain version and I’m going to show some extremely interesting knock-on results both on MBH98-99 and Mann and Jones 2003. I started in on Mann and Jones 2003, partly for a little variety and partly because the Sheep Mountain impact was particularly strong on this network. Before I […]

IPCC AR4 and the Return of Chucky – He’s Baaack!

Here’s something I meant to post up when AR4 came out. I was reminded of this when Rob Wilson posted recently: Lastly, lets not forget that TR based reconstructions of NH temperatures exist that do not use Bristlecone pine or Foxtail data. Rob’s point here is very disingenuous (to use Mann-speak) since millennial reconstructions are […]

Jacoby in Mongolia

Trying to check even simple things like the correlation of individual Osborn and Briffa 2006 series to gridcell temperature always leads to complications. Today I’ll look at the situation with respect to Jacoby’s Sol Dav, Mongolia series, one of the 6-7 mainstays of Hockey Team reconstructions. Needless to say, nothing can be confirmed. Instead of […]