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Boulton’s Climategate Associates

Two of Boulton’s close associates at the University of Edinburgh (see Bishop Hill here – scientists hired as professors in 2007 while Boulton was a very senior professor in the same department – are Climategate correspondents. In the searchable anelegantchaos version, Hegerl gets 41 hits; Gabi 29 hits and Crowley (her husband, also an Edinburgh […]

The Boulton Hockey Stick

Following (below left) is the Hockey Stick diagram endorsed by Geoffrey Boulton, General Secretary of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, in their December 2009 (post-Climategate) Policy Advice statement Climate Change and the U.N Copenhagen Summit here. On the right is a confirmation plot from data archived in late 2009 and February 2010 by Boulton’s associate […]

Boulton Associate Archives Data

Boulton’s Hockey Team associate, Gabi Hegerl, archived the proxy versions used in Hegerl et al 2007 in February 2010 – see here . I’ve discussed this reconstruction in earlier CA posts. Boulton used Hegerl’s Hockey Stick in the Royal Society of Edinburgh submission on Copenhagen. I’ve had the proxy versions for a couple of […]

Strip Bark at Upper Wright Lakes Foxtails

As a sort of Methadone replacement for Mann’s bristlecone PC1 (which uses Graybill’s strip bark chronologies), two Esper foxtail chronologies (Upper Wright Lakes and Boreal Plateau) have come into use by the Team. These two chronologies were used separately in the small Esper network (two of only 7 or so medieval chronologies) making a very […]

IPCC AR4 and the Return of Chucky – He’s Baaack!

Here’s something I meant to post up when AR4 came out. I was reminded of this when Rob Wilson posted recently: Lastly, lets not forget that TR based reconstructions of NH temperatures exist that do not use Bristlecone pine or Foxtail data. Rob’s point here is very disingenuous (to use Mann-speak) since millennial reconstructions are […]

More on Hegerl et al 2006 Non-Confidence Intervals

There are a few other blogs that from time to time do detailed analyses of what people are doing, not dissimilar in format to what I do. Last year, in Apr 2006 shortly after publication, I observed here that the upper and lower confidence intervals of Hegerl et al crossed over. In Feb 2007, Tapio […]

IPCC and Data Access

One of the most important IPCC representations is the supposedly tremendous quality control of its review process. I’ve mentioned in passing on a number of occasions that, when I sought to obtain supporting data for then unpublished articles, IPCC threatened to expel me as a reviewer. I’ve had a few requests to recount my experience […]

The "Independent" 2006 Multiproxy Studies

Here’s a quick summary of the overlap of proxies in three widely publicized “independent” 2006 studies. The number of proxies are all small (Juckes -18; Osborn – 14; Hegerl – 12). All three use multiple bristlecone/foxtail chronologies: Juckes 4; OSborn 2; Hegerl 2. All three use Fisher’s Greenland dO18, Tornetrask (Juckes twice, Hegerl mis-identifying it); […]

Willis on Hegerl

Willis writes: A couple of things. First, I’ve digitized all of the Hegerl proxy data, and placed it here. I sampled it at ~three year intervals, and interpolated the actual years. Second, I took a look at their reconstruction method. They say: The first step of the reconstruction technique is to scale the individual proxy […]

My Hegerl Predictions – Results

The reconstruction in Hegerl et al (J Clim) was previously used in Hegerl et al (Nature) which provided some information on the number of series and some other particulars, but did not identify the series. In order to show how farcical the Hockey Team claims of “independence” were, I made guesses last spring about the […]