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Hegerl Proxies: #1 – Mann PC1

The Hegerl et al 2006 climate reconstruction is finally online here . I’m going to go through the proxies individually before talking about method. Obviously the first one to look for is Mann’s North American PC1. Although they say that they’ve “moved on”, Mann’s PC1 was used in Osborn and Briffa 2006 and was one […]

Annan on Hegerl et al

An interesting comment on Hegerl et al by James Annan here.

Reverse Engineering Hegerl et al.

Lee, a new poster, complained that my attempting to guess the series in the CH-blend was insulting to Hegerl et al. [SM note – This sentence is added on Friday evening. I had a sentence somewhat like this in this post. Lee said that the sentence misrepresented his viewpoints – see one of his posts […]

Hegerl et al in this week's Nature

There’s a new study by Hegerl et al. in this week’s Nature, which, among other things, describes the performance of something called the CH-blend, a secret blend of 12 proxies – a secret somewhere up there with the Caramilk secret. As I mentioned previously, I requested the identity of the sites in the blend as […]