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AR4 Models and the Ross Sea

I noticed something interesting in AR4 about Antarctic models, that no one mentioned in the initial commentary on Steig et al. When Steig et al 2009 came out, commenters had some fun teasing the clergy over at realclimate over Spencer Weart’s article the prior year. Pielke Jr Lucia CA Speaking for myself, I went to […]

Mann's PC1 in Esper and Frank 2008

On previous occasions, we’ve noticed some strange appearances of the Mann hockey stick under different disguises. In Inconvenient Truth, a splice of Mann’s hockey stick and CRU instrumental data is described as “Dr Thompson’s thermometer”. Today, I noticed another peculiar incident, where Esper and Frank (Clim Chg 2008), who one would think would know better, […]

IPCC AR4 and the Return of Chucky – He’s Baaack!

Here’s something I meant to post up when AR4 came out. I was reminded of this when Rob Wilson posted recently: Lastly, lets not forget that TR based reconstructions of NH temperatures exist that do not use Bristlecone pine or Foxtail data. Rob’s point here is very disingenuous (to use Mann-speak) since millennial reconstructions are […]