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Crowley Tries to Get Data from Jacoby

In 2004, prior to starting Climate Audit, I tried to get data from both Gordon Jacoby and Tom Crowley – neither experience being very pleasant. Climategate-2 emails provide an interest vignette in which Crowley got very frustrated trying to get data from Jacoby in 2008.

Crowley’s Apology

Tom Crowley has asked that the following apology be published at Climate Audit for his 2005 EOS article, as well as a similar interview on BBC, both of which contained numerous untrue and damaging allegations against me. See the original EOS article is here , my rejected reply here, the underlying correspondence here with some […]

Boulton’s Climategate Associates

Two of Boulton’s close associates at the University of Edinburgh (see Bishop Hill here – scientists hired as professors in 2007 while Boulton was a very senior professor in the same department – are Climategate correspondents. In the searchable anelegantchaos version, Hegerl gets 41 hits; Gabi 29 hits and Crowley (her husband, also an Edinburgh […]

The Nifong Disbarment

Mike Nifong, the prosecutor of the Duke lacrosse scandal, is in the news for being disbarred for his handling of the prosecution of the Duke lacrosse team. This illustrates the difference in how concealment of material information is treated in most walks of life and the failure of the IPCC to see any moral dilemma […]

A Reply to an Angry Dendroclimatologist

In a recent post, I challenged the Dendro Truth Squad to root out use of precipitation proxies in multiproxy studies (which the NAS Panel also encouraged avoidance of). Instead of illustrating this with bristlecones one more time (although they obviously occur in a high desert), I illustrated the challenge with the example of Dulan junipers, […]

Crowley Unspliced

As a mindless activity, I’ve re-visited the Crowley data, which we’re discussing. Among other stereotypes, out of 15 series, Crowley uses 2 bristlecones, Polar Urals, Tornetrask and Dunde. Even so, without any grafting, there’s not much hockey-stick-ness to this dataset. When you parse Crowley, you also see some very odd decisions, which result in lowering […]

Splices in Crowley and Lowery

Update: See continued discussion here. I’m working up some material for the AGU convention and re-visited some points in Crowley and Lowery [2000] which I’d not been able to figure out before. (One of Bruce McCullough’s strongest arguments for providing source code is that it reduces the cost of replication studies, since the replicator does […]

Crowley on Zhu [1973]

One of the big selling points of Crowley and Lowery [2000] was the “non-synchroneity of temperature change”. One of the key series in showing this was Zhu [1973]. I located Zhu [1973] today. It was great fun, not least for Zhu crediting the teachings of Chairman Mao for inspiring his work. I even reminisce a […]

Crowley and North [1991]

A little relief from Mann source code (but don’t worry, I’m not finished with it.) In my post on IPCC 1990 arising out of the controversy about the WSJ editorial, I referred to the following quote from the Executive Summary to chapter 7 (p. 200), which stated (having the Younger Dryas in mind): We conclude […]

UCAR Webcast of Bradley, Crowley, Ammann – Apr 6, 2005

The webcast of the April 6, 2005 presentations by Bradley, Crowley and Ammann is here. There’s lots that could be said about this presentation. I can only pick off a few points here.