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The Crowley-McIntyre letters

Crowley’s comments to The Chronicle of Higher Education were as follows: According to Mr. Crowley, the Duke professor, he received repeated e-mail messages from Mr. McIntyre demanding data and documentation, which grew increasingly threatening. "I’m usually happy to send people some stuff," said Mr. Crowley. However, he added, "McIntyre comes back time and again. He […]

Crowley and Kim, 1995crowley

In IPCC 1995 [SAR] – An Extended Excerpt, I quoted the following key statements from IPCC 1995: Alpine glacier advance and retreat chronologies (Wigley and Kelly, 1990) suggest that in at least alpine areas, global 20th century temperatures may be warmer than any century since 1000 AD and perhaps as warm as any extended period […]

Crowley and Lowery [2000]

Crowley and Lowery [2000] is a key part of the Hockey Team. The data versions used by Crowley were never archived and have now been mis-placed. However, Crowley sent me smoothed and transformed versions of the data in Oct. 2004. The diagram below is a simple color-coded plot of the Crowley data set – illustrating […]