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Cherry-Picking by D’Arrigo

One of the longest standing Climate Audit issues with paleoclimate reconstructions is ex post decisions on inclusion/exclusion of data, of which ex post decisions on inclusion/exclusion of sites/data in “regional [treering] chronologies” is one important family.  This was the issue in the original Yamal controversy, in response to which Briffa stated that they “would never select or manipulate […]

Schmidt’s “Conspiracy Theory”

Schmidt’s recent post on Yamal advocated the following “conspiracy theory”: McIntyre got the erroneous idea that studies were being done, but were being suppressed if they showed something ‘inconvenient’. This is of course a classic conspiracy theory and one that can’t be easily disproved. Accusation: you did something and then hid it. Response: No I […]

Crowley Tries to Get Data from Jacoby

In 2004, prior to starting Climate Audit, I tried to get data from both Gordon Jacoby and Tom Crowley – neither experience being very pleasant. Climategate-2 emails provide an interest vignette in which Crowley got very frustrated trying to get data from Jacoby in 2008.

Kaufman et al: Obstructed by Thompson and Jacoby

A CA reader sent me an email, noting the following entry in minutes of a meeting. M Loso inquired about Lonnie Thompson’s ice core data. These data are not presently available but will be investigated by Caspar. This comment is minuted in a meeting of PIs leading up to Kaufman et al 2009 – a […]

"Correlates well (r = 0.70) with gridded June–July temperatures"

I’ve been re-visiting some proxy data; I noted last summer that Rob Wilson had archived a considerable amount of B.C. data in Aug 2007 and noticed that he subsequently archived the data versions as used in Wilson et al 2007 at NCDC here in Sept 2007. (Not all of Rob’s data is archived as he […]

Jacoby Archiving

Jacoby is a key player on the Hockey Team. Jacoby and d’Arrigo have received nearly $8 million from the National Science Foundation (collated from public NSF records)- see here ; in addition, they have received an undisclosed amount of funding from other public agencies (collated from publication references). As far as I’m concerned, US federal […]

Lost Cedars #2

I might as well illustrate real-time frustrations in dealing with the Hockey Team. I’ve written back on Jacoby’s stonewalling to Climatic Change (who have been trying and who at least got a refusal from Jacoby) as follows.

The Updated Gaspé Series

We have focused considerable attention on the role of the Gaspé series in MBH98. While we alluded previously in MM05 (E&E) to information in our possession that the updated (1991) version of the series differed from the 1982 version and to our frustration that the updated version remains unarchived (see Jacoby #1) , we are […]

Jacoby #1: A "Few Good" Series

Jacoby is on the Hockey Team. His treeline temperature reconstruction was made by picking the 10 most "temperature-influenced" of 36 sites studied. Only these 10 sites were archived. I sought information on the other 26 through Climatic Change, the publishing journal. Jacoby refused, stating: The inquiry is not asking for the data used in the […]