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"Correlates well (r = 0.70) with gridded June–July temperatures"

I’ve been re-visiting some proxy data; I noted last summer that Rob Wilson had archived a considerable amount of B.C. data in Aug 2007 and noticed that he subsequently archived the data versions as used in Wilson et al 2007 at NCDC here in Sept 2007. (Not all of Rob’s data is archived as he […]

Gridcell 47.5N 97.5E: Mongolia

Here’s another gridcell where CRU has truncated high early values. This is the gridcell that contains the important Jacoby Mongolian tree ring series. If untruncated gridcell information is used, then the ring width chronology has a negative correlation to gridcell temperature. What a swamp.

More on Mongolia

Rob Wilson wrote in today pointing out that D’Arrigo et al 2006 had obtained a correlation to gridcell temperature of 0.58 for the Jacoby Mongolia site chronology, working from original data and not relying on hand-me-down data from Mann and Jones. This is actually higher than the 0.25 reported by Mann and Jones for annual […]