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Treeline Changes and Altitude Inhomogeneity

The apparent inconsistency of ring width chronologies with analysis of changes in treeline elevation has long been an issue that I’ve urged specialists to address. Unfortunately Briffa et al 2013 failed to address the inconsistency at Polar Urals, even though they took note of an obsolete Shiyatov article on treeline changes. (More recent work by […]

An RC Question about Briffa et al 2013

A commenter at Real Climate asked the following interesting question about the Urals/Yamal area reported in Briffa et al 2013: So, for this region, what data do you wish you had, that could be plausibly gotten (i.e, not like 1000-year-old measured temperature records), that you don’t have? And why? Jim Bouldin of RC described the […]

An Interesting Graphic in the Esper et al 2012 SI

Rob Wilson (by email) has drawn my attention to the SI to Esper et al 2012 SI, which contains the following diagram relevant to late Holocene treeline changes. Figure 1. From Esper et al 2012 SI.

Salzer et al 2009 – A First Look

Salzer, Hughes et al (PNAS 2009) is in the news. It reports that “unprecedented” high-altitude bristlecone growth, citing increased growth at Sheep Mountain, Mount Washington and Pearl Peak, but especially Sheep Mountain. pdf PNAS SI Salzer SI CA readers are obviously familiar not just with bristlecones, but with Sheep Mountain. As pointed out in the […]

North American Upper Treeline #3

The next installment in our search for upper treeline proxies evidencing the AR4 SPM claim that : “Studies since the TAR draw increased confidence from additional data showing coherent behaviour across multiple indicators in different parts of the world” takes us to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, to a study mentioned in the Wilson and Luckman […]

North American Upper Treeline #2

In our continued search for evidence supporting the IPCC 4AR SPM claim that “”Studies since the TAR draw increased confidence from additional data showing coherent behaviour across multiple indicators in different parts of the world”, I am reviewing upper treeline North American site chronologies specifically mentioned in the short Wilson and Luckman 2003 survey of […]

Latitudinal Treeline

A couple of days ago, I canvassed the ITRDB data bank for all tree ring series with values later than 1998, noting that there were many new series. Mann has justified the reliance on proxies not updated since 1980 and earlier, and thus not calibrated against recent warmth, on the basis that it is very […]

Swedish Tree Line

A new thread at bender’s suggestion. Treelines are a climate indicator that I’ve paid attention to in the past as evidence that made sense to me about the relationship of modern and medieval climate. I’ve posted up threads in the past about tree lines in California being higher than at present in the MWP and […]

Thoughts on Alpine Glacier Stratigraphy

Hormes et al 2001 is noted up in passing by the NAS panel, but is given short shrift relative to Thompson. It is not mentioned at all in the IPCC 4AR second draft. This article is one of the underpinnings for the view that there have been 8 warm intervals in the Alps during the […]

Medieval Treeline in Finland

Kultti et al. [Holocene 2006] has just been published in Holocene, showing higher medieval treeelines in northern Finland (27 deg E). This is consistent with the more northerly distribution of oak in medieval Finland reported in Hulden [2001] discussed here and adds to the growing inventory of articles both demonstrating higher medieval treelines and using […]