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Salzer et al 2009 – A First Look

Salzer, Hughes et al (PNAS 2009) is in the news. It reports that “unprecedented” high-altitude bristlecone growth, citing increased growth at Sheep Mountain, Mount Washington and Pearl Peak, but especially Sheep Mountain. pdf PNAS SI Salzer SI CA readers are obviously familiar not just with bristlecones, but with Sheep Mountain. As pointed out in the […]

Conrad Black and Mammoth Lakes CA

The fraud trial of Conrad Black has been a very large story in Toronto. Black, a business tycoon, was recently sentenced to 78 months in Chicago; last week his appeal was rejected – news story here; blog account here; judgement here. Interestingly, the judge has his own blog. Black and his co-defendants were executives of […]

Late 20th Century Limber Pine Growth Decline

Constance Millar, url who wrote an excellent article on the medieval warm period in California, discussed here has written an interesting and timely article (presently in review) on thelate 20th century in the Sierra Nevadas, entitled: Response of high-elevation limber pine (Pinus flexilis) to multi-year droughts and 20th-century warming; Sierra Nevada, California.

Millar et al: The Sierra Nevada MWP

Otto-Bliesner asked me how I would do a reconstruction. As I’ve said on other occasions, I said that I didn’t know. I’m really reluctant to just apple-pick some series but it’s prbably worthwhile showing that you can pick apples as well as cherries. More constructively, I think that there are some approaches that look better […]

Medieval #6: Whitewing Mt, California

Miller et al. [2004] studied fossil evidence of forest levels in 9 locations in the western U.S. over the past 3500 years, including Whitewing Mountain and San Joaquin Ridge, Inyo Craters Chain in the eastern Sierra Nevadas, near the bristlecones of the White Mountains (about which I’m going to post an interesting graphic on their […]

Medieval #3: Wassuk Range, California

Millar, Constance, Robert Westfall, Diane Delany, John King and Harry Alden, Climate As An Ecosystem Architect; Responses Of High-Elevation Conifers To Past Climate Variability.