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Richard Smith (2011) and the Graybill Bristlecones

Richard Smith’s new paper doesn’t mention Graybill bristlecones, but once again, his paper does nothing more than discover what we already knew – that Graybill bristlecones have a HS shape. In the process, Smith amusingly discovers a “divergence” problem with lake sediments Smith’s new paper describes the use of the methodology of his earlier paper […]

Salzer et al 2009 – A First Look

Salzer, Hughes et al (PNAS 2009) is in the news. It reports that “unprecedented” high-altitude bristlecone growth, citing increased growth at Sheep Mountain, Mount Washington and Pearl Peak, but especially Sheep Mountain. pdf PNAS SI Salzer SI CA readers are obviously familiar not just with bristlecones, but with Sheep Mountain. As pointed out in the […]

Woodhouse versus Graybill

Reviewing the bidding: at Niwot Ridge, a short drive from UCAR world headquarters, we have disparate chronologies from Graybill and Woodhouse for limber pine at similar elevations (with Graybill’s chronology also discrepant from nearby chronologies from Kienast and Schweingruber for very close PCEN series). Despite the disparate appearances, the correlation between the Graybill and Woodhouse […]

Niwot Ridge, Colorado

Graumlich [1991] argued that it was “difficult” to compare the results of Lamarche et al [1984] and Graybill [1987] to Kienast and Luxmoore [1988] results, because 15 of 16 Lamarche-Graybill sites came from above 2800 m, while 30 of 34 Kienast and Luxmoore sites came from below 2000 m. While this is true, the two […]

Graybill and Funkhouser [1993] on Bristlecones

I have recently located a copy of Graybill and Funkhouser [1993], Dendroclimatic Reconstructions during the past millennium in the southern Sierra Nevada and Owens Valley, California, which has been very hard to find. This appears to be Graybill’s last publication before he died. A detailed excerpt follows. Some key quotes: Unfortunately the chronologies from the […]