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Peter Brown and Mann et al 2008

Today, I’m going to consider the handling in Mann et al 2008 of 17 proxy series developed by Peter Brown and Connie Woodhouse. Peter Brown is an anti-CA dendro who made a few posts here last year mainly on this thread. He introduced himself by saying “I have little patience for your blog. .. Typically […]

Woodhouse's Temperature Proxies!!!

The 2000 conference of the IAI project on “Reconstructing Climate Variability and Change from Treelines” contained the following abstract describing a network of high-elevation “temperature-sensitive” tree ring chronologies as follows: 6. An expanded network of long treeline chronologies from the Western US Brown, P.M.; Woodhouse, C.A. & Hughes, M.K. We report on new, high elevation, […]

Up-to-Date Proxies: Colorado

Another large batch of tree ring chronologies was archived on June 21, 2006, this time with records up to 2003. Are the results for the 1990s and 2000s off the chart?

Woodhouse versus Graybill

Reviewing the bidding: at Niwot Ridge, a short drive from UCAR world headquarters, we have disparate chronologies from Graybill and Woodhouse for limber pine at similar elevations (with Graybill’s chronology also discrepant from nearby chronologies from Kienast and Schweingruber for very close PCEN series). Despite the disparate appearances, the correlation between the Graybill and Woodhouse […]

Niwot Ridge, Colorado

Graumlich [1991] argued that it was “difficult” to compare the results of Lamarche et al [1984] and Graybill [1987] to Kienast and Luxmoore [1988] results, because 15 of 16 Lamarche-Graybill sites came from above 2800 m, while 30 of 34 Kienast and Luxmoore sites came from below 2000 m. While this is true, the two […]