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5 Niwot Ridge Chronologies

As I mentioned earlier today, Niwot Ridge is about 45 minutes drive from UCAR headquarters in Boulder (which hosts the IPCC WG1 TSU). I’ve identified 5 archived chronologies from Niwot Ridge, including two chronologies discussed in Kienast and Luxmoore 1988 as contradicting Graybill’s claims of enhanded post-1950 growth. Graumlich 1991 distinguished the two studies on […]

Niwot Ridge, Colorado

Graumlich [1991] argued that it was “difficult” to compare the results of Lamarche et al [1984] and Graybill [1987] to Kienast and Luxmoore [1988] results, because 15 of 16 Lamarche-Graybill sites came from above 2800 m, while 30 of 34 Kienast and Luxmoore sites came from below 2000 m. While this is true, the two […]