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Thoughts on Alpine Glacier Stratigraphy

Hormes et al 2001 is noted up in passing by the NAS panel, but is given short shrift relative to Thompson. It is not mentioned at all in the IPCC 4AR second draft. This article is one of the underpinnings for the view that there have been 8 warm intervals in the Alps during the […]

Green Alps #1

During the past few years, one sees from time to time news releases e.g. here about the “Green Alps”‘? from several German and Swiss scientists: Schlüchter, U Joerin, Holzhauser and Hormes in particular. The NAS panel mentioned Hormes et al 2001 in the sentence after Thompson’s organics, but paid no attention to it. It turns […]

Archaeological Finds in Retreating Swiss Glacier

I will write up some notes on the U.S. Climate Change Science Workshop, but I’d like to post up some information on a couple of interesting reports in the past few days on archaeological discoveries in a receding glacier on a high Swiss pass towards Italy, sent in by a reader. Glacier retreat in the […]

Alpine Glaciers "disappeared 7000 years ago"

A new study on Alpine glaciers has shown that the recent melting since the lowest point of the "Little Ice Age" in the 17th Century is not extraordinary in the context of climate change since the end of the last Ice Age: The Alpine glaciers are shrinking, that much we know. But new research suggests […]