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Underwater in the Sierra Nevadas

While we’re re-visiting bristlecones and foxtails, the Here are three interesting online articles, each of which discusses areas in the Sierra Nevada CA, which are now submerged, but where forests grew in the Medieval Warm Period. Many readers of this blog will have read articles about trees being disgorged from receding glaciers and it’s hard […]

Glacier Bay, Alaska

George posted up the following link as supposedly supporting Lonnie Thompson’s views on Quelccaya: Early results on Reid Inlet, where Reid Glacier has now backed up out of the ocean, show that the glacier had retreated beyond where it is now more than 10,000 years ago, advanced to the sea by 8,000 years ago, again […]

Thoughts on Alpine Glacier Stratigraphy

Hormes et al 2001 is noted up in passing by the NAS panel, but is given short shrift relative to Thompson. It is not mentioned at all in the IPCC 4AR second draft. This article is one of the underpinnings for the view that there have been 8 warm intervals in the Alps during the […]

Stumped in Alberta

The NAS panel mentioned the recent 5000-year organics from Quelccaya as being an important potential indicator of 20th century climatic uniqueness. (Lee seems to consider it some kind of smoking gun) I’ll discuss Thompson’s abysmal publication of the data – in particular, his total lack of any stratigraphic information – in a few days, but […]