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Climategate 2 and the FOIA/Mole Incident

The FOIA/Mole incident of July 2009 attracted much public interest and somehow seems connected to the subsequent Climategate events, though precisely how (and even whether) remains unclear. The incident was discussed in both Mosher and Fuller’s CRUTape Letters and Fred Pearce’s Climate Files, though not in Andrew Montford’s Hockey Stick Illusion (which was mostly complete […]

Direct Action at Harvard

Attention has been drawn today to Mann’s request to other Team members for suggestions as to how to take direct action at Harvard against Soon and Baliunas. Not noticed thus far is that Kevin Trenberth reverted almost immediately with suggestions and that Mann followed up on these suggestions. Later, Soon’s supervisor has a small cameo […]

Discussion of Reviews

When you notice an email discussing a review, could you jot down the email number, date, the reviewer, the reviewee. Please don’t editorialize, just note it for reference.

Phil Stumped at Calculating A Trend

Phil Jones spends much of his time looking down his nose at the heathen, but then confesses to Bob Ward that he is unable to calculate a trend on his own, as in this hilarious exchange at Bishop Hill: I’m not adept enough (totally inept) with excel to do this now as no-one who knows […]

Climategate II Tools

A searchable version of Climategate 2 is online at http://di2.nu/foia/foia.pl and at http://foia2011.org. I’ve made a time-concordance of the new emails and placed it online at http://www.climateaudit.info/correspondence/climategate2/info.cg2.csv. {Note – I’ve updated this to include julian seconds to match to climategate1.) For R-users, I’ve made an R-concordance of the 5349 emails as text files and placed […]

New Climategate Emails

New climategate dossier here. [Update – try here] See notice from “FOIA” here and subsequent comments as well as discussion at Jeff Id here. I’ll comment later after I have a chance to look at things. [Update /Jean S : Searchable database here.  h/t phil]