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Climategate 2 and the FOIA/Mole Incident

The FOIA/Mole incident of July 2009 attracted much public interest and somehow seems connected to the subsequent Climategate events, though precisely how (and even whether) remains unclear. The incident was discussed in both Mosher and Fuller’s CRUTape Letters and Fred Pearce’s Climate Files, though not in Andrew Montford’s Hockey Stick Illusion (which was mostly complete […]

"Unprecedented" Data Purge At CRU

On July 31, 2009, the purge of public data at CRU reached levels “unprecedented” in its recorded history. Climate Audit reader Super-Grover said that the data purge was “worse” than we expected. On Monday, July 27, 2009, as reported in a prior thread, CRU deleted three files pertaining to station data from their public directory […]

CRU Erases Data

As readers know, both myself and various Climate Audit readers have requested CRU station data from both the Met Office and CRU. While my initial request to CRU was refused, I asked for a reconsideration and the matter is still outstanding, as are all the other CRU requests. Under U.K. Freedom of Information Act, once […]

Met Office/CRU Finds the Mole

More news on the Met Office/CRU molehunt. Late yesterday (Eastern time), I learned that the Met Office/CRU had identified the mole. They are now aware that there has in fact been a breach of security. They have confirmed that I am in fact in possession of CRU temperature data, data so sensitive that, according to […]

A Mole

OK, folks, guess what. I’m now in possession of a CRU version giving data for every station in their station list . In their refusal letter, the Met Office described adverse consequences of disclosing CRU station data, an event that apparently would let loose the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Met Office stated: Some […]