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New Light on the Lost Cedars of Gaspé

A data set that was almost as controversial in MBH98 as the Graybill bristlecones was the Gaspé cedar chronology used by Jacoby and d’Arrigo. An interesting new cedar chronology from Quebec has just appeared at NCDC, shown below. The third chronology shown below is an unreported update to the Gaspé series. I reported the unreported […]

The MBH AD1450 Network

Most of my previous discussion of MBH pertained to the AD1400 network. In recent discussion over at Tamino, some of the posters have stated that BCPs only matter for the AD1400 network and that everything is fine for the AD1450 and later networks, relying here on statements in Wahl and Ammann 2007. (I don’t suppose […]

Tamino and the "Adjusted" Gaspé Data

Tamino, in his continuing effort to bring every one of Mann’s questionable practices back into the light of day, has stumbled into the treeline11.dat series, which he proclaims triumphally in his most recent post as having a hockey stick shape. This is none other than the notorious Gaspé cedar series, which was analyzed at length […]

Tree Ring Standardization – A Linear Mixed Effects Perspective

I’ve already received my first condescending comments from the dendro world about the mysteries of standardization. Just to pre-empt some further pontification presuming that I know nothing about these mysteries, I’m posting up some notes that I wrote in 2004 on standardization – which was what I would have been working on had people just […]

Wilson, Pisaric and Gaspé

Two respected dendrochronologists wrote in criticizing my recent post averaging new white spruce chronology contributions to the ITRDB data bank. [Update: see post here with further thoughts on the location of this site. Next post in category] Rob Wilson wrote, using an uncharacteristic Gavin-esque sigh, as follows:

My Hegerl Predictions – Results

The reconstruction in Hegerl et al (J Clim) was previously used in Hegerl et al (Nature) which provided some information on the number of series and some other particulars, but did not identify the series. In order to show how farcical the Hockey Team claims of “independence” were, I made guesses last spring about the […]

bender on Gaspé

New poster bender has written some very thoughtful posts, including some comments on Gaspé which I I’d like to recover from deep in a political thread. The growth pulse in Gaspé cedars seemed very improbable to me as a temperature proxy; bender has some detailed knowledge on the topic.

Plots of Gaspe and Polar Urals Data

Just as an experiment, I plotted up all the ring widths for the Gaspé and Polar Urals sites, with each core displaced a little. What I was thinking of the type of graph that you see in seismic surveys. The look is interesting, given how much weight is placed downstream on these data sets in […]

Lost Cedars #2

I might as well illustrate real-time frustrations in dealing with the Hockey Team. I’ve written back on Jacoby’s stonewalling to Climatic Change (who have been trying and who at least got a refusal from Jacoby) as follows.

Jacoby’s “Lost” Gaspé Cedars

I’ve been trying for over a year to get a location for the Gaspé cedars. Jacoby, as a Hockey Team member, refuses to provide such mundane information. At one point, Ed Cook, another Hockey Team member, promised to provide the information, but failed to deliver. Now Jacoby has told Climatic Change that the cedar location […]