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Say My Name – February Rerun

Science has published a Correction and Clarification to Kaufman et al (2009), see here. Since they only needed to correct four out of 23 proxies, there is no need to name those who pointed out errors. 😉 There is a small improvement over the draft version though; congratulations Hu! We thank H. McCulloch and others […]

Sciencemag Enforces Data Archiving

As I surmised, Science has taken a dim view of Kaufman’s failure to provide data that was supposedly “publicly available” and most of the problems have now been dealt with. There are still a couple of issues though. The three Finnish sediment series and one Canadian series have now been archived: […]

The Kaufman Corrigendum

In a draft Corrigendum dated Oct 10, 2009 (most recently modified Oct 21, 2009), Kaufman gives what is obviously a warm and heartfelt shout-out in which they: thank those who have pointed out errors and have offered suggestions. More later today. [Note: see Sep 15 post here here for a preliminary assessment of Kaufman using […]

Atte Korhola: political and social playground

There is an interesting, and, in my opinion, very bold,  comment (dated 9/27, here in Finnish; Google Translation) in a Finnish web journal by professor Atte Korhola entitled “Recession in Climate Science”. Korhola: Esitän kärkeen heti teesin, jonka mieluusti alistan julkiseen kritiikkiin: kun myöhemmät polvet tutustuvat ilmastotieteeseen, he luokittelevat 2000-luvun alun tieteen historian noloihin lukuihin. […]

Kaufman’s "Classical" Log Regression

I observed yesterday that I had been unable to replicate the archived version of Kaufman’s Hallet Lake series – something that I thought was due to a change in the archived version (since the NCDC archive noted that a new version had been archived in Nov 2008.) This turns out not to be what happened. […]

Five Alaskan BSi Series

At the second meeting of Kaufman’s PIs, one of the scientists plaintively asked: But shouldn’t we aim to do a synthesis that is only lake seds (at least as first step)? This logical building block was pushed aside (thereby allowing Briffa’s Yamal series to be recycled for the nth time) on the following grounds: some […]

Kaufman's BSi Selection

Below is a plot comparing sediment BSi (biological silica) to depth (cm) from two of Kaufman’s lakes (done by different students). I’ve shown it by depth (rather than ascribed age) since the dating of these sediment series is not without some hairiness. I’ve shown equal lengths for each lake, both covering at least 800AD-present on […]

Is Kaufman 'Robust'?

A common meme in Team-world these days is that any issues or errors are minor and that none of them “matter”. As we peel back the layers of Kaufman et al, this is the first line of Team defence. The rhetorical impact of Team reconstructions largely derives from the modern-medieval differential: is it in the […]

Invalid Calibration in Kaufman 2009

Darrell S. Kaufman, David P. Schneider, Nicholas P. McKay, Caspar M. Ammann, Raymond S. Bradley, Keith R. Briffa, Gifford H. Miller, Bette L. Otto-Bliesner, Jonthan T. Overpeck, and Bo M. Vinther (Science 9/4/2009) propose a reconstruction of Arctic summer land temperatures for the last 2000 years, using 23 diverse proxies. Decadal averages of each proxy […]

The Kaufman Backstory

The backstory to the development of the Kaufman et al 2009 reconstruction is pretty interesting. A few years ago (after the MM criticisms of paleoclimate reconstructions), the US National Science Foundation sponsored the sampling of 30 Arctic lakes in a standardized way. It’s remarkable to compare the original population to the data sets used in […]