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More Oxburgh Misrepresentations

Almost none of Oxburgh’s testimony to the Science and technology Committee can be taken at face value. Even on something as simple as climate background of Lisa Graumlich and Kerry Emanuel, Oxburgh’s statements to the committee were untrue.

Strip Bark at Upper Wright Lakes Foxtails

As a sort of Methadone replacement for Mann’s bristlecone PC1 (which uses Graybill’s strip bark chronologies), two Esper foxtail chronologies (Upper Wright Lakes and Boreal Plateau) have come into use by the Team. These two chronologies were used separately in the small Esper network (two of only 7 or so medieval chronologies) making a very […]

The Foxtails and the Hounds

There is something weird going with Esper’s delivery of data, where he delivered quite a lot of material – but left out some key data. Here ‘s the status on data – there are some puzzling methodological issues which I’l’l return to. Chronologies: Esper sent 13 of 14 chronologies in February. This was very interesting […]