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Tornetrask Digital Version – Hooray!

I’ve been trying for nearly a year to get a digital version of the Tornetrask reconstruction of Grudd (2008), also referred to in his thesis. Last week, Hakan Grudd sent me a digital version of the MXD series – hooray! Previously I’ve previewed this new version using clips from the articles or thesis e.g here. […]

Back from Georgia Tech

First, let me thank me thank Judy Curry for inviting me to make a presentation at their seminar series and for both spending so much time and energy showing me around the department and hosting me so hospitably. I was the guest at many interesting presentations by able young scientists and at splendid lunches and […]

New Light on Old Fudge

One of my first blog postings was on Briffa’s very first fudging (2011 update: the “Briffa bodge”) of a temperature reconstruction – his adjustment of the Tornetrask reconstruction – a reconstruction that is used in virtually every study. This was one of the first encounters with the Divergence Problem. Tornetrask MXD went down in the […]