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How Anthony Watts Handled Team Plagiarism

Anthony has an instructive post on how he handled a plagiarism incident involving NOAA. Anthony writes: Readers may recall this post: More dirty pool by NCDC’s Karl, Menne, and Peterson …where I take NCDC to task for not given proper attribution to the surfacestations.org and volunteer Russ Steele for use of a photo on the […]


As readers know, Raymond Bradley’s allegation that “text was just lifted verbatim from my book and placed in the Wegman Report” has been widely publicized following Bradley’s interview with USA today. The allegation pertains to Wegman’s boilerplate section (2.1) describing proxies, a section in which neither MBH98-99 nor MM2003, 2005abcd are mentioned, and on which […]

Bradley's Data Archiving

Here is a discussion of two of Bradley’s answers to questions from the House Committee letter pertaining to federal grants and archiving.

IPCC 1995 [SAR] – An Extended Excerpt

Continuing my industrious typing from old IPCC reports, here is an extended excerpt from IPCC 1995 (SAR) dealing with climate change and variability. If you recall from IPCC 1990, it left an important oustanding question as to the impossibility of attributing the portion of present warming that it is due to human influences, when the […]