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Behind Closed Doors: “Perpetuating Rubbish”

The Yang Chinese composite, after the Mann PC1 and Yamal, had the third-largest hockey stick shape of the proxies illustrated in the IPCC AR4 spaghetti graph. I’d commented on this series on several occasions – see http://www.climateaudit.org/tag/yang The new emails show that Bradley thought that this series was, to use the technical term preferred by […]

Yang et al. [2003] #2

I’ve been re-visiting the various multiproxy studies with respect to scale and variability. In addition, as you know, one of my interests in these multiproxy studies is the non-robustness of MWP-modern levels to a very few non-independent proxies, used in multiple studies – in particular: bristlecones, Polar Urals and Thompson’s Himalayan dO18 series – each […]

Yang et al [2003]

An important new proxy series, which is one of only 8 in Mann and Jones [2003] and one of only 11 low-frequency proxies in Moberg et al [2003], is the Chinese composite of Yang et al [2003]. Unlike the Hockey Team, Prof. Yang promptly provided the underlying data set upon request. Here are some early […]