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What “Science” is “Telling Us” About Climate Damages to Canada

Just before leaving for Paris, the Canadian government, like many others,  stated that “science” was “telling us” that climate change was “one of the greatest threats of our time”. The scientific evidence is clear: climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time. The Government of Canada recognizes that global temperature increases must be […]

Did Canada switch from Engine Inlets in 1926 Back to Buckets?

Folland has been the leading IPCC authority on bucket adjustments. Folland et al 1993 carries out a comparison from early 1980s measurements of (presumably predominantly insulated) bucket and non-bucket measurements, arguing that the difference was about 0.08 (less than 0.12-0.18 suggested in 2006 by Kent and Kaplan. They reported a puzzling situation in the Gulf […]