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Dirty Harry 4: When Harry Met Gill

Yesterday, I noted that Steig had criticised previous developers of Antarctic gridded temperature data for not having “paid much attention” to West Antarctica (e.g. the NASA GISS trend map left the area blank due to lack of data meeting their quality standards) and reproached his predecessors (including, it seems, even Hansen) for “calculating with their […]

Say My Name

In an online trailer for a new climate documentary, James Hansen, presumably exhausted from answering “niggling questions” at a gala Lehman Bros dinner tells the film-maker: I’m not going to use McIntyre’s name. The problem of name usage has been recently considered in several important philosophy workshops and conferences. On the top right, I linked […]

Hansen's Kingsnorth Testimony

A reader writes in about Hansen’s submission at the Kingsnorth trial. I’m posting up a thread under a couple of conditions. Hansen’s take on scientific matters is influential and important and discussion of scientific topics will be permitted. Please do not post on anything that remotely touches on policy. Please do not make posts complaining […]

Rewriting History, Time and Time Again

Update: As noted in the comments below, GISS updated the GLB.Ts+dSST anomalies which show a large 0.67 degC value for March. This addition of March 2008 temperature data to the record caused a corresponding drop in annual average temperature for the years 1946 and 1903. According to GISS, 1946 is now colder than 1960 and […]

How much Estimation is too much Estimation?

Back in September when I was busy trying to figure out how Hansen combined station data, I was bothered by the fact that he used annual averages as the basis for combining scribal records (via the “bias method”) rather than monthly averages, which are readily available in the records that he uses. In my thinking, […]

Hansen Simplified

I think that I can give a very simple explanation of just how bizarre the climate reconstruction by Jim Hansen is. The graph below shows the actual Mg/Ca values for ODP806B, which is used in his reconstruction. The orange point is a modern sample in 27.2 deg C water (a value of 4.5, higher than […]

Hansen and Bracket Fatigue

Lots of interesting things to find when you turn over the rocks of Hansen et al 2006. These are comments on work in progress, but, to say the least, there appear to be some curious decisions and methodologies.

The Hansen Splice

Mg/Ca proxies measure the temperature of calcification of G. ruber, which is not necessarily the same as surface temperature. Dahl et al state G. ruber is present year–round at Site 723B, but experiences blooms during both monsoon seasons and calcifies above 80 m water depth (14–16)…. In accordance with the seasonality of G. ruber in […]

Warmest in a Millll-yun #2

I’ve had a chance to examine Hansen’s argument a little more closely. Structurally it’s a typical splicing argument that we’re familiar with – proxies up to a certain point and then instrumental temperature. In the case of MBH, they use proxies up to 1980 and then compare that to instrumental records. We’re all familiar with […]

Warmest in a Millll-yun Years

We’re going to be hearing more about this – see press release here for example. I’ll add to this headnotes, but, for now, I’ll post up some URLs that some of you may find handy. The underlying article by Hansen et al is at PNAS here. They thank Ralph Cicerone for his review comments. The […]