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The Harry Read_Me File

A CA readr has organized the Harry_Read_Me file here. Take a look. And we thought GISTEMP was bad. And it’s not like the underlying calculations are very complicated.

"a very disturbing HARRY_READ_ME.txt file"

Good notes on source code by a blogger here/ Also here

Steig’s “Corrections”

Roman M has already done one post on the impact of the Harry error. Ryan O has also done so [see comment here]. As has Steig. I show below some graphics that I’ve just done on AWS recon trends. At Steig’s website, he now states: awsreconcorrected.txt is a correction to the above file, using corrected […]


Moving right along since the problem with Harry was identified on Super Bowl Sunday, BAS reports: This is a list of corrections that have been made to the AWS data tables and a link to the table before the corrections were applied, any suspected errors should be reported to Steve Colwell (2/2/09)The AWS data for […]

Gavin’s Mystery Man

On Sunday, Feb 1 at 4:41 pm Eastern (3:41 blog time), I published a post describing West Antarctic stations. In that post, I observed that there was a very limited amount of station data (6 stations) in the West Antarctica area re-interpreted by Steig et al, that one of the stations (Harry AWS) had an […]

Dirty Harry 4: When Harry Met Gill

Yesterday, I noted that Steig had criticised previous developers of Antarctic gridded temperature data for not having “paid much attention” to West Antarctica (e.g. the NASA GISS trend map left the area blank due to lack of data meeting their quality standards) and reproached his predecessors (including, it seems, even Hansen) for “calculating with their […]