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Steig’s Bladeless “Hockey” Stick

In a recent RC post entitled “Ice Hockey” and a recent Nature article, Steig and coauthors have introduced a novel and very baroque “hockey stick”, one without a blade. A true Halloween of horrors: in addition to Gergis’ zombie hockey stick, the bladeless Hockey Stick of Sleepy Hollow is now at large. The appearance of […]

Steig’s “Corrections”

Roman M has already done one post on the impact of the Harry error. Ryan O has also done so [see comment here]. As has Steig. I show below some graphics that I’ve just done on AWS recon trends. At Steig’s website, he now states: awsreconcorrected.txt is a correction to the above file, using corrected […]

Deconstructing the Steig AWS Reconstruction

So how did Steig et al. calculate the AWS reconstruction? Since we don’t have either the satellite data or the exact path they followed using the RegEM Matlab files, we can’t say for sure how the results were obtained. However, using a little mathemagic, we can actually take the sequences apart and then calculate reconstructed […]


Moving right along since the problem with Harry was identified on Super Bowl Sunday, BAS reports: This is a list of corrections that have been made to the AWS data tables and a link to the table before the corrections were applied, any suspected errors should be reported to Steve Colwell (2/2/09)The AWS data for […]

Antarctica – digging out the data

It seems that we are all “wild about Harry” recently, and no good kerfluffle would be complete without some pictures of the weather stations in question. It seems “Harry” got buried under snow. Why is this important? Well, as anyone skilled in cold weather survival can tell you, snow makes an excellent insulator and an […]

The Mysterious Taylor Dome Borehole

Last year, one of the first things that puzzled me about the NAS panel report was the basis for their conclusion that there was no MWP in Antarctica. At the press conference, at about minute 60, North said: there is evidence of warmth in the record in the MWP. But as Bradley and Diaz a […]

Elephant Seals and PNAS Bias

Ralph Cicerone, President of NAS, personally reviewed Hansen’s recent article, which is available for free at the PNAS website here. George Denton, a very distinguished paleoclimatologist of the older school – one whose work will undoubtedly long survive that of the Team, recently contributed an article entitled Holocene elephant seal distribution implies warmer-than-present climate in […]

Domack on the Larsen 1-A Ice Shelf

Proxy attention seems to have migrated away from things like bristlecones (still waiting for Hughes’ 2002 Sheep Mountain update) to the Antarctic Peninsula ice shelves, with the major break-ups of the Larsen 1-A and 1-B ice shelves. An interesting illustration of NH-SH asymmetry is that the latitude of the Larsen 1-A ice shelf is 64 […]

Lallemand Fjord, Antarctica

In my search for high-resolution ocean sediment records, I stumbled across an interesting 1995 article by Domack et al (Domack of the Larsen Ice Shelf) discussing cores on the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula which were dated over the last 2000 years.

Medieval #4: Bramsfield Basin, Antarctica

Khim et al. [2002] reported that a core from the Eastern Bramsfield Basin, Antarctic Peninsula showed that the LIA and MWP were the strongest of the Late Holocene cold and warm periods.