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Deconstructing the Steig AWS Reconstruction

So how did Steig et al. calculate the AWS reconstruction? Since we don’t have either the satellite data or the exact path they followed using the RegEM Matlab files, we can’t say for sure how the results were obtained. However, using a little mathemagic, we can actually take the sequences apart and then calculate reconstructed […]

Enron Trial in the News

Are any of you keeping track of the news on the trials of Enron executives Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling? Andrew Fastow, their CFO, was on the stand yesterday. There’s a terrific book about Enron by Kurt Eichenwald, in which the House Energy and Commerce Committee is mentioned (they had a piece of some Enron […]

Federal Reserve Bank Working Paper on Replication

Richard G. Anderson, William H. Greene, Bruce D. McCullough and H. D. Vinod have some very interesting comments in a recent Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis Working Paper about the importance of archiving data and code, in which they cite our work approvingly. Here’s a nice cut phrase that they quote: An applied economics […]