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NASA GISS – Adjusting the Adjustments

As a simple exercise, I quickly revisited the everchanging Hansen adjustments, a topic commented on acidly by E.M. Smith (Chiefio) in many posts – also see his interesting comments in the thread at a guest post at Anthony‘s, a post which revisited the race between 1934 and 1998 – an issue first raised at Climate […]

Orland CA and the New Adjustments

In my last post, I observed that NOAA’s Talking Points applied their new “adjustments” to supposedly prove that NOAA’s negligent administration of the USHCN network did not “matter”. In order to illustrate the effect of the new methods in this post, I’ll compare the new adjustments (post-TOBS) to the old adjustments (post-TOBS) on a “good” […]

The Talking Points Memo

The NOAA Talking Points memo falls well short of a “full, true and plain disclosure” standard – aside from the failure to appropriately credit Watts (2009). They presented the following graphic that purported to show that NOAA’s negligent administration of the USHCN station network did not “matter”, describing the stations as follows: Two national time […]

Hansen and "False Local Adjustments"

Over the last few days, I’ve shown that Hansen et al 1999 illustrated and discussed the effect of the NASA adjustment for two stations (Phoenix, Tokyo) where the NASA urban adjustment yielded the expected adjustment (denoted in these posts as a “positive” adjustment). In an earlier post, I’d observed that negative urban adjustments (i.e. for […]

Is Station History Important?

Several recent posts and hundreds of associated comments have focused on the subject of temperature adjustments. TOBS, homogeneity, scribal records, rural versus urban … it is enough to make one’s head spin. I understand the desire to adjust data, but I often wonder if the problem is simply intractable and the adjustments we do have […]

Hansen and Hot Summers in the Southeast

Hansen et al 1988 reported that they expected extra warming in the SE United States, a theme that was mentioned in his testimony in Washington in summer 1987. Hansen et al 1988 stated: there is a tendency in the model for greater than average warming in the southeastern and central U.S. and relatively cooler or […]

Gridding from CRN1-2

In order to assess the 2006 anomaly in John V’s 2006 calculation reported previously, I’ve calculated a gridded anomaly for the U.S. using standard spatial smoothing software in R. This enables the calculation to be done in a few lines as explained below. I’ll also show results which reconcile most of the results to date. […]


It’s true that TOB is pretty far from the topic of this thread, so perhaps our host could start a new one just on TOB, ideally copying into it the pertinent posts from this thread? I may have missed a few, but a good start would be #305, 376, 400, 402, 403, 413, 418, 419, […]

First Look at the USHCN Quality Classification

Anthony Watts has posted up a quality assessment of the USHCN stations here. John V presented some graphics in the comments thread here and below is my first pass – this comment is not intended to exhaust all possible cross-cuts of the data is merely the first thing that I looked at. I compared the […]