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Lazarus of the Thermometers

The “Great Dying of Thermometers”, to use E.M. Smith’s (Chiefio) apt phrase has been discussed here from time to time for several years. Contrary to some misconceptions, it’s not that people mysteriously stopped taking temperatures around 1990. GHCN had said that it would update its non-CLIMAT (mostly airports) station data from time to time and […]

Phil Jones: the Secret Agent in Hawaii

As CA readers know, Phil Jones keeps his CRU data secret. Embarrassingly, the UK Met Office relies on this secret data and says that it is unable to provide this supporting data for the most relied upon temperature data set in the world. Their statements in response to FOI requests as to what they actually […]

OK, What Caused the Problem?

Are you like me and a little puzzled as to exactly how the GHCN-GISS problem happened? GISS blamed their supplier (NOAA GHCN). Unfortunately NOAA’s been stone silent on the matter. I checked the Russian data at meteo.ru and there was nothing wrong with it. Nor is there anything wrong at GHCN-Daily for stations reporting there. […]

The Accidental Tourist

Occasionally I will take a trip after much careful planning and preparation, only to find myself going off into uncharted territory soon after embarking on my adventure. That is what happened to me recently when I started to take a fresh look at worldwide station coverage. Where I ended up and what I found when […]

NOAA Gridded Data

We’ve discussed CRU and GISS gridded data, but many of the recent news stories about the “warmest winter” come from NOAA gridded data (for example here and here) , which seems to be gaining a little market share of news attention for gridded data. I’ve started taking a look at the data. Given the intransigence […]