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Mike’s AGU Trick

There has been considerable recent discussion of the fact that observations have been running cooler than models – see, for example, Lucia’s discussion of IPCC AR5 SOD Figure 9.8 (see here). However, Michael Mann at AGU took an entirely different line. Mann asserted that observations were running as hot or hotter than models. Mann’s assertion […]

AGU Honors Gleick

If I was hoping to think about more salubrious characters than Lewandowsky, Mann and Gleick, the 2012 AGU convention was the wrong place to start my trip. All three were prominent at the convention.

AGU Webinar on Michael Mann

An Inside Look at the Michael Mann Case Featuring Peter Fontaine, counsel to Michael Mann and a leader of Cozen O’Connor’s Brownfield Development and Climate Change practices To join the meeting: http://agu.adobeconnect.com/legalwebinar2/ • Please login as a guest with your first and last name. The meeting does not require a password. The meeting hosts will […]

“AGU Journals Should Ask Authors to Publish Results”

This is the title of a current op ed in EOS drawn to my attention by Leif Svalggard. The policies advocated in the op ed are obviously ones that I endorse. AGU actually does have data policies that, on paper, would deal with many of the disputes that I’ve had with paleoclimate authors. From time […]

Gleick’s AGU Resignation

On Tuesday (after much amusement at Anthony’s), the AGU announced that, on Feb 16, Peter Gleick had resigned as Chairman of the AGU Committee on Scientific Ethics for “personal, private reasons”. David Appell has an excellent interview with Michael McFadren, President of AGU, at his blog here. Appell asked why they didn’t announce it at […]

Day Two at AGU

It is impossible to convey the overwhelming number of papers and presentations here. Through the week, my notes have invariably deteriorated. By the time you get home, they are unintelligible. I’ m going to diarize them a little — so I don’t forget totally and to share a bit of the experience. (And since CA […]

Ammann at AGU #2

I’m going to give a fairly brief account of previous attempts to get the residual series and/or cross-validation R2 from Mann, including inquiries to Mann, N.S.F., through Nature, by Climatic Change, by Natuurwetenschap & Techniek and by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. As you will see, no one has been able to get Mann […]

Ammann at AGU: If You Had One Question..

Ammann made a presentation at the same AGU session as me, spending a considerable amount of time criticizing us — though with nothing new to say that we haven’t already rebutted here and in print. There was time for one question (AGU is fanatical about schedules) and I was recognized. So here’s my question to […]

AGU 2005 – #1

The size of the AGU convention is really daunting. Up to Thursday, there were 11,903 attendees. But that doesn’t really portray the size of the presentation effort. Most of those attendees are also presenters. I didn’t see a total of the number of oral and poster presentations, although it would be readily available from AGU. […]