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Gleick’s AGU Resignation

On Tuesday (after much amusement at Anthony’s), the AGU announced that, on Feb 16, Peter Gleick had resigned as Chairman of the AGU Committee on Scientific Ethics for “personal, private reasons”. David Appell has an excellent interview with Michael McFadren, President of AGU, at his blog here. Appell asked why they didn’t announce it at […]

The Mosher Timeline

Patrick Courrielche has done an interesting timeline on the outing of the Climategate emails here, here, here in which Mosher’s busy November 17-19 has been publicized for the first time. I thought that it would be useful to collect my own memory of the events while it is still relatively fresh, which I’ll do today. […]

More on the "RC Hack"

Commenters on the earlier thread have presented another explanation of the “RC Hack”. The same idea occurred to several people and has been presented at several blogs (tAV for example). I’ll cite Steve Mosher’s below both because he knows computers and is very familiar with the facts: If you look at all the emails you […]