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Another UFA sighted in Arizona

My post on Lampasas,TX has created quite a stir when Atmoz, a climate scientist unknown person at the University of Arizona, tried to demonstrate that the temperature spike shown in the GISS data at Lampasas, TX, was not due to the relocation next to a building and asphalt parking lot, but rather some problem with […]

Lampasas, Texas

The project continues to collect new stations, though we could certainly use more help in the midwest, particularly Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. This NOAA USHCN climate station of record #415018 in Lampasas, TX was found to be tucked between a building, and two parking lots, one with nearby vehicles. According to the surveyor, […]

NOAA training manual cites errors with Baltimore's Rooftop USHCN Station

I happened across a NOAA internal training manual a couple of weeks ago that contained a photo of a USHCN official climate station that I thought I’d never get a photo of. The Baltimore Customs House. Baltimore USHCN station circa 1990’s photo courtesy NOAA, click for more images What is interesting about this station, is […]

Inside the HO83 Hygrothermometer

HO83 ASOS Hygrothermometer (temperature/dewpoint sensor) Much has been written about problems with artificially high temperature readings due to the HO83 aspirated air temperature/dewpoint temperature sensor used on NOAA Automated Surface Observing Stations (ASOS). The most famous problem occurred in Tucson, AZ in the mid 1980’s where a malfunctioning HO83 unit created dozens of new high […]

Reno's USHCN station

Last summer I attempted to do a survey of Reno’s USHCN official climate station. But I was thwarted by its placement at the Reno International Airport due to security and lack of accessible photographic vantage points. Reno’s USHCN station is particularly important due to it being part of the test cases of stations in the […]

Weathering and Thermometer Shelters

Former Virginia State Climatologist Patrick J. Michaels wrote an op-ed about his paper with Ross McKitrick from Canada’s University of Guelph in an American Spectator column today about the surface temperature record. This paragraph really caught my eye: “Weather equipment is very high-maintenance. The standard temperature shelter is painted white. If the paint wears or […]

Spotting Weather Stations in SFO

San Francisco’s official weather stations, new and old locations are in this photo – can you find them? Last Thursday evening I had the pleasure of meeting up with Steve McIntyre, Steve Mosher, and “jeez” (who lives in San Francisco, and currently wishes to remain anonymous) from Climate Audit. We had dinner at Umbria in […]

Tucson Update

You may recall the post earlier this year where the USHCN official climate station with the largest positive trend in the USA turned out to be located in a parking lot at the University of Arizona in Tucson. See below: Click picture to see image gallery at The GISS surface temperature plot for Tucson: […]

USHCN in the "ass end of nowhere"

There’s a USHCN station out there, in the “ass end of nowhere”. Apologist Eli Rabett (Joshua Halpern) recently lamented that in order for dendrochronologists to update tree ring studies used in MBH98/99 (aka Mann’s Hockey Stick) that they “have to drive out to the ass end of nowhere”. It’s such an inconvenience for those that […]

Melbourne's Historic Weather Station

Until now, most of the surface temperature measurement stations I’ve highlighted as substandard locations for measuring temperature accurately have been in the USA. Today, courtesy of Geoff Sherrington, we are treated to the sight of the main Australian historic site, Melbourne metropolitan, near LaTrobe St, Melbourne. He reports it has max-min temp records daily since […]