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Inside the HO83 Hygrothermometer

HO83 ASOS Hygrothermometer (temperature/dewpoint sensor) Much has been written about problems with artificially high temperature readings due to the HO83 aspirated air temperature/dewpoint temperature sensor used on NOAA Automated Surface Observing Stations (ASOS). The most famous problem occurred in Tucson, AZ in the mid 1980’s where a malfunctioning HO83 unit created dozens of new high […]

The HO-83 Hygro- thermometer

In the discussion of the Tucson weather station, Ben Herman of the U of Arizona observed that there were serious biases with the HO-83 hygrothermometer – introduced in the early 1990s – which was said to be a contributor to the uptick to Tucson values. Although USHCN has implemented adjustments to U.S. data to deal […]