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Tucson Update

You may recall the post earlier this year where the USHCN official climate station with the largest positive trend in the USA turned out to be located in a parking lot at the University of Arizona in Tucson. See below: Click picture to see image gallery at surfacestations.org The GISS surface temperature plot for Tucson: […]

Tucson Then and Now

In the discussion of my previous post, a reader posted a link to a fascinating picture of Tucson in 1923 – a picture complete with Stevenson screen in the foreground, if you can imagine, clearly visible on the right. Figure 1. Tucson c. 1923. From left to right: Agriculture Building, Old Main, and the Mines […]

The HO-83 Hygro- thermometer

In the discussion of the Tucson weather station, Ben Herman of the U of Arizona observed that there were serious biases with the HO-83 hygrothermometer – introduced in the early 1990s – which was said to be a contributor to the uptick to Tucson values. Although USHCN has implemented adjustments to U.S. data to deal […]

Detectives in Tucson

During the past 2 months, there has been an active discussion in the blogosphere about the quality of the Tucson U of Arizona weather station. While I have never claimed that the blogosphere is a substitute for academic journals, the thread of Tucson discussions seems to me to be a good example of internet discussion […]