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Lampasas in BEST

A couple of years ago, Anthony observed a gross discontinuity at Lampasas TX arising from a change in station location. Let’s see how the Berkeley algorithm deals with this gross discontinuity.

L.A. Confidential

Minus Kim Basinger. http://wattsupwiththat.wordpress.com/2008/03/24/how-not-to-measure-temperature-part-54-los-angeles-the-city/ As a reader at Anthony’s blog notes, there’s an interesting history here. Note that the temperature graphic shown linked at Anthony’s site is the version used by NOAA, rather than the version used by NASA. The differences are shown in the two graphs below. The NASA adjusted version increases past L.A. […]

Atmoz Agrees on USHCN Adjustment Defect

A theme in many recent posts has been whether the USHCN and NASA adjustments are successful in achieving their goals. On a number of occasions, we’ve observed that the USHCN station history (SHAP) adjustment appears to be an odd statistical procedure and can be objectively seen to be unsuccessful in picking up recorded station moves. […]

19 Versions and Whadda You Get

Recently Anthony Watts noted that the Lampasas TX station was relocated in 2000 to an extremely poor location and attributed a hockey-sticking of the Lampasas series to this re-location. In a comparison that I made with nearby Blanco TX (which is the sort of comparison that USHCN says that they do), it seemed plausible that […]

Lampasas, Texas

The http://www.surfacestations.org project continues to collect new stations, though we could certainly use more help in the midwest, particularly Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. This NOAA USHCN climate station of record #415018 in Lampasas, TX was found to be tucked between a building, and two parking lots, one with nearby vehicles. According to the surveyor, […]