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Berkeley “Very Rural” Data

Richard Muller sent me the BEST list of “very rural” sites – see http://www.climateaudit.info/data/station/berkeley. I took a quick look at the “very rural” stations in two tropical countries – Peru and Thailand – in order to groundtruth their classification methodology. These two examples were chosen because several years ago, I looked at Hansen’s “rural” Peru […]

BEST Data “Quality”

CA CA reader Gary Wescom writes about more data quality problems with the Berkeley temperature study – see here. In a surprising number of records, the “seasonally adjusted” station data in the Berekely archive contains wildly incorrect data. Gary shows a number of cases, one of which, Longmont 2ESE, outside the nest of climate scientists […]

Closing Thoughts on BEST

In the 1980s, John Christy and Roy Spencer revolutionized the measurement of temperature data through satellite measurement of oxygen radiance in the atmosphere. This accomplishment sidestepped the intractable problems of creating (what I’ll call) a “temperature reconstruction” from surface data known to be systemically contaminated (in unknown amounts) by urbanization, land use changes, station location […]

Lampasas in BEST

A couple of years ago, Anthony observed a gross discontinuity at Lampasas TX arising from a change in station location. Let’s see how the Berkeley algorithm deals with this gross discontinuity.

First Thoughts on BEST

Rich Muller sent me the BEST papers about 10 days ago so that I would have an opportunity to look at them prior to their public release. Unfortunately, I’ve been very busy on other matters in the past week and wasn’t able to get to it right away and still haven’t had an opportunity to […]