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SH Proxies: Peru d18O

One of the hidden assumptions of proxy reconstructions, as carried out by IPCC authors, is that each “proxy” has a linear relationship to temperature plus relatively low-order red noise. Under such circumstances, the noise will cancel out in a linear combination of proxies (reconstruction) and a “signal” will emerge. However, I’ve never seen any author […]

Alkenone Divergence in Peru

Gutierrez et al (GRL 2011) pdf here; data here is another very high resolution alkenone series that is well-dated in the 20th century. It was taken in an upwelling zone offshore Peru at a similar latitude to Quelccaya. Like the high-resolution series offshore Morocco and Namibia, it shows a sharp decline in alkenone-estimated SST in […]

Berkeley “Very Rural” Data

Richard Muller sent me the BEST list of “very rural” sites – see http://www.climateaudit.info/data/station/berkeley. I took a quick look at the “very rural” stations in two tropical countries – Peru and Thailand – in order to groundtruth their classification methodology. These two examples were chosen because several years ago, I looked at Hansen’s “rural” Peru […]

Hansen's "Rural" Peru

Hansen’s downward adjustments of Peruvian temperature records by as much as 3 deg C is based on the presumptive quality of Peruvian “rural” sites. If one even spends 40 minutes examining the locations of these sites, any resemblance to rural USHCN sites disappears. In addition, the failure of NOAA and NASA to update their records […]

The Adjusters Visit Peru

We have talked about finding Waldo for a while. Here are a few interesting graphics showing the Adjusters in Peru. Here are 4 stations where temperatures in the mid-20th century have been lowered by around 3 deg C. These are all reverse UHI effects. For all of the above graphics, I’ve plotted original monthly data […]