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It’s been awhile since I have shown new USHCN stations, and its not for lack of material. But I got busy with the UCAR conference, publishing a slide show, and other things. But this morning, über volunteer Don Kostuch sent me a note on his latest survey in Titusville, FL near Cape Canaveral and KSC. […]

USHCN Survey Results based on 33% of the network

With 33% of the USHCN weather station network now surveyed, the site quality rating is now applied, see the USHCN Station Master List file in HTML and XLS format. The rating system for site quality was borrowed verbatim from the new Climate Reference Network being put into operation by NCDC and NOAA to ensure quality […]

An oldie but goodie – Microsite and UHI in 1952

Well before the current debate over the value of the near surface temperature record and its many possible biases, and well before Parker’s UHI studies sought to minimize the effect based on windy -vs- non windy days, J. Murray Mitchell published a paper in 1952 titled: On the Causes of Instrumentally Observed Secular Temperature Trends […]

New CA Server Now Online

The new server hardware I built for Climate Audit was deployed in the co-location center today in California, I hand delivered it myself. This new server has much over the old one from a tech spec point of view, including faster CPU, dual core, error corrected memory, and hi speed SATA2 drives. It’s biggest advantage […]

A "lights=1" USHCN station

Don Healy sends this photo of Port Angeles, Washington’s USHCN station #456624: Increasingly, non standard equipment is being observed as substitutes for max/min thermometers and MMTS systems. In this case, vandalism issues with the MMTS forced a change to this station setup in 2002 that was less accessible. In 2002 a change shows up on […]


Well, I found it. Eureka that is, but what I found was rather depressing. I visited the USHCN climate stations of record both old and new at Eureka, California on July 30th and I can’t decide which site is more out of compliance with sitings standards. The original location was on the 4th story roof […]

The USHCN Basketball Team

This is the climatological station of record for Odessa, Washington. It is at the residence of a COOP weather observer administered by NOAA. The photo was taken by volunteer surveyor Bob Meyer. In addition to the proximity to the house and the asphalt being less than the 100 foot published NOAA standard, we have […]

Lights = 0, Air Conditioners = 22

There’s been some recent discussion about how only rural stations have been used in the GISS analysis, and those rural stations are qualified by looking at night time DOD satellite photos, and doing a count of visible streetlights within a radius to quantify UHI potential or lack thereof. The “best” stations are labeled “lights=0” One […]


Another parking lot being measured for climate change: Newport, TN The project has reached an important milestone. With the submission of #222, Lexington, VA, submitted by John Goetz, we are now below the 1000 mark (out of 1221) stations left to survey. It was a 3 -way race to #222 between power surveyors John […]

Another "High Quality" USHCN station

This picture, taken by volunteer Don Kostuch needs no commentary from me other than to say it is the Detroit Lakes, MN USHCN climate station of record. The complete set of pictures is available in the online database here Here is the GISS plot: