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Signal to Noise Ratio Estimates of Mann08 Temperature Proxy Data

Guest post by Jeff Id from The Air Vent (used by invitation) Occasionally when working on one thing long enough, you discover something unexpected that allows you to take a step forward in understanding.  At the ICCC conference, I met Steve McIntyre and took time to ask him how come Mann07 “Robustness of proxy-based climate […]

Pseudoproxies in Mann et al 2007

Judith Curry and JEG have expressed an interest in talking about Mann et al 2007, Robustness of proxy-based climate field reconstruction methods, JGR pdf. This is successor article to Mann et al, 2005, Testing the Fidelity of Methods Used in Proxy-Based Reconstructions of Past Climate, pdf. Looking past the annoying and amusing faults, here are some […]

Ross McKitrick on Mann et al 2007

First, on page 15, they say: This result (as well as the separate study by Wahl and Ammann [2007]) thus refutes the previously made claim by MM05 that the features of the MBH98 reconstruction are somehow an artifact arising from the use of PC summaries to represent proxy data. Well, if we had argued that […]

A Georgia Tech EAS8001 Assignment

Here’s an assignment for JEG’s hockey stick class. Try to replicate the reported proxy-gridcell temperature correlations reported in Mann et al 2007 SI. The table showing correlations between 112 proxies (the AD1820 network presumably) and gridcell temperature are shown in column 5 of the spreadsheet here. Data for the 112 proxies in the AD1820 proxy […]

Mann et al 2007 Precipitation Teleconnections

Judith Curry suggested that we talk a little about Mann et al 2007 available here . I noted its publication last summer when Jean S and UC made some remarks about it. It has an extensive SI with code here and, in fairness to Mann, there is a serious attempt at documenting his work in […]