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The RE Benchmark of 0

In MM2005a,b,c, we observed that the RE statistic had no theoretical distribution. We noted that MBH had purported to establish a benchmark by simulations using AR1 red noise series with AR1=0.2, yielding a RE benchmark of 0. We originally observed that high RE statistics could be obtained from PC operations on red noise in MM2005a […]

Calibration RE

The NAS Panel notes the following about several statistics used in proxy studies: If are the predictions from a linear regression of on the proxies, and the period of interest is the calibration period, then RE, CE, and are all equal. Here’s a result about MBH methods (and applicable to related methods with re-scaling) that […]

The RE Benchmark in A&W

There’s an interesting irony in the GRL rejection of the Ammann & Wahl Comment and it will be interesting to see how this gets handled. It turns out that the A&W Climatic Change depends on their GRL submission for their test of statistical significance for the RE statistic. So even though the GRL referee thought […]