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IPCC and the end of summer

Though I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve done quite a bit of work on climate recently, though it hasn’t been the sort of work that lends itself readily to blog posts. I made a presentation at a workshop session in Erice in the third week of August, which, at Chris Essex’ request, was entitled […]

Osborn: “I don’t have any core measurement data and therefore have none to give out!”

In yesterday’s post, I discussed the inconsistency between the climate community’s desire to rebuild trust and CRU/East Anglia’s continuing refusal of FOI requests, most recently for the 2006 version of the Yamal regional chronology. The moral of that post was that providing such information – even if they didn’t “have” to – was the sort […]

Hide the Decline: Sciencemag # 3

The day before yesterday, I reported that Briffa and Osborn (Science 1999) had not just deleted the post=1960 decline (see also CA here), but had deleted the pre-1550 portion as well – the deletions contributing to an unwarranted rhetorical impression of consistency between the reconstructions, an impression that was capitalized upon in the commentary in […]

Bürger Comment on Osborn and Briffa 2006

Gerd Bürger published an interesting comment in Science 2006 on cherry-picking in Osborn and Briffa 2006. A few CA readers have noticed the exchange and brought it to my attention. Eduardo Zorita (who I was glad to hear from after our little dust-up at the Nature blog) sent me the info as did Geoff Smith. […]