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Feedback on the work of McIntyre and McKitrick

Atte Korhola: political and social playground

There is an interesting, and, in my opinion, very bold,  comment (dated 9/27, here in Finnish; Google Translation) in a Finnish web journal by professor Atte Korhola entitled “Recession in Climate Science”. Korhola: Esitän kärkeen heti teesin, jonka mieluusti alistan julkiseen kritiikkiin: kun myöhemmät polvet tutustuvat ilmastotieteeseen, he luokittelevat 2000-luvun alun tieteen historian noloihin lukuihin. […]

RSS June – "Worse Than We Thought"

Lucia was quick off the mark with RSS June results. RSS June was 0.075 deg C (reference 1979-1998). The graph shows somewhat of a decline from earlier in the year. In a joint statement, realclimate authors Gavin Schmidt, Michael Mann, Stefan Rahmstorf and Eric Steig noted their disappointment with market performance. However, Rahmstorf observed that, […]

The US Synthesis Report and the Search for Climate WMD

White House advisers greeted the new Climate Change Science Program(CCSP) assessment report like Bush advisers would have greeted a favorable report on WMD. Jane Lubchenco, administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said: “It’s not just a problem for the future. We’re beginning to see the impact on our daily lives.” On the left […]

Chucky Returns, Part IV

Suzanne Goldenberg writes today: The Obama administration is poised for its most forceful confrontation with the American public on the sweeping and life-altering consequences of a failure to act on global warming with the release today of a long-awaited scientific report on climate change. Figure 1. Photoshopped picture of a flooded house in First Draft […]

FOI and the "Unprecedented " Resignation of British Speaker

Readers have sometimes proposed that I try to enlist the support of a British MP for efforts to get information from the various stonewalling UK climate institutions, such as Fortress CRU. In fact, it seems that British MPs have had their own personal reasons for not supporting FOI. For the past 5 years, they have […]

EPA Quality Guidelines: the NAS Panel and IPCC

The U.S. EPA just released (Apr 17, 2009) “Proposed Endangerment and Cause or Contribute Findings for Greenhouse Gases Under Section 202(a) of the Clean Air Act” url together with a Technical Support Document url. In Canada and most countries, governments just implement these sorts of policies without the huge regulatory process that delays everything in […]

BBC "Climate Wars"

A placeholder thread.

Two Ross McKitrick Op Eds

National Post here CSM here

Revkin on the Hansen Fiasco

Andrew Revkin of the New York Times writes here in a compacted story. Me versus Jor-El. I spent quite a bit of time saying that the errors mattered a lot at the individual station level and were “significant” for U.S. temperature. For example, consider this page at NASA which shows a comparison between temperatures by […]

Steve interviewed on BBC Radio 4 "Today" programme

The interview is here starting at 17:40 (just move the scrollbar to around 17:30, you don’t have to wait!). The interview is obviously edited, but Steve manages to make some clear points.