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Feedback on the work of McIntyre and McKitrick

CTV News

The 6 pm promo for the 11pm CTV news (a Canadian national network) featured – guess who. You’ll recognize some graphics. The 11pm news is online here (only up to yesterday at present – I’m not sure whether they stream it at 11 pm or whether it’s just an archive.) I’m on at the very […]


Well, welcome back. The operating problems have resulted either from an increase in volume, or a DOS attack or both. Any time that we’ve tried to open up the site, the site has been knocked over. This has been true even on the weekend. Even after the climateaudit IP address was pointed away from the […]

Suspicious Weather Stations

Anthony Watts has observed that there is good reason for concern about USHCN stations. A reader at Anthony Watts’ blog has drawn attention to the following story in which suspicion of weather stations was taken to a new level. The suspicious device blown up by a State Police Bomb Squad Thursday evening turned out to […]

Unprecedented Warmth in Sweden

Sweden has been reporting warmth in June that is unprecedented in a milllll-yun years 👿 Pictures from Sweden’s newspapers show the extent to which continental glaciation has receded. Newspaper articles here:,2789,1094730,00.html Thanks to reader Magnus who writes: Best greetings from Swe-d-d-d-deden; Ouch! It’s so c-c-c-cold!

The T3 Tax

I try to stay away from policy discussions here (although others sneak it in), but this suggestion by Ross McKitrick is so ingenious that I’ll relax my policy for a while. Ross proposes a carbon tax linked to tropical troposphere temperatures – the fingerprint of the CO2 contribution to warming. If models are wrong and […]

Server upgrade is coming soon

Due to the loading on the current dedicated server causing regular server crashes, I have decided to move CA and other hosted blogs to a new server with twice as much memory (2GB) and utilizing a proper server-oriented Linux rather than using a general purpose Linux. It demonstrates that if you’re going to do serious […]

New Scientist, Juckes and Rob Wilson

Here’s something amusing in the New Scientist article, which includes a defence of the Stick. Their jpg is compiled by one Robert Wilson of the University of Edinburgh, who includes the reconstruction from Juckes 2006. Has Juckes been accepted or doesn’t this matter any more? Like IPCC, Rob has failed to show 1960-1994 values of […]

Nature Blog Withdraws Invitation

Yesterday I mentioned that we had been invited to make a post at the Nature blog. The invitation was withdrawn today. On May 10, we received the following invitation: As you know, there was a recent post on our Climate Feedback blog by Hans Von Storch that discussed the hockey stick, without discussing your work […]

von Storch and Zorita blog on the Hockey Stick

At a Nature climate change blog, von Storch and Zorita write: In October 2004 we were lucky to publish in Science our critique of the hockey-stick’ reconstruction of the temperature of the last 1000 years. Now, two and half years later, it may be worth reviewing what has happened since then. The publication in 2004 […]

The Swindle Complaint and Myles Allen

Bob Ward, who you may remember as the author of various complaints from the U.K. Royal Society, is now employed at Risk Management Solutions Ltd. In his business capacity as Director, Global Science Networks, Risk Management Solutions Ltd., he has filed a complaint about Swindle under a section of the broadcasting code which states: “Views […]