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Response to Briffa #2

As noted at CA last week, Briffa published a partial response to Yamal issues at the CRU website, one post discussing the impact of the Yamal chronology in various studies and another post discussing the Yamal chronology itself. For a response to Briffa’s online article on the impact of Yamal, I refer readers to last […]

Rank Gavin Noise

William Connolley is still, shall we say, manfully pretending not to understand how sediments affected by bridge-building, ditches and agriculturally activity cannot be excellent temperature “proxies” if they correlate with NH temperature. Amazingly, some of his readers, like PNAS editors and referees, take this sort of stuff seriously. Just for fun, I’ve constructed an example […]

Connolley Endorses Upside Down Mann

Kaufman’s grudging acknowledgement (see their draft Corrigendum) that they used the Tiljander proxies upside down has not convinced the Team that the identical orientation of the Tiljander proxies in Mann et al 2008 was also upside down. There has been an active new round of debate in the blogs, with William Connolley endorsing Upside Down […]

Satellite Adjustments

Excellent posts by Chad and Jeff Id. Please support them by commenting on this at their blogs.

The Kaufman Corrigendum

In a draft Corrigendum dated Oct 10, 2009 (most recently modified Oct 21, 2009), Kaufman gives what is obviously a warm and heartfelt shout-out in which they: thank those who have pointed out errors and have offered suggestions. More later today. [Note: see Sep 15 post here here for a preliminary assessment of Kaufman using […]

Tingley and Huybers (2010?)

Once again, the Team has “moved on” so quickly that it takes some care keeping track of their movements. The criticisms in my most recent post apply to the still unpublished Tingley and Huybers 1200-year reconstruction at their website (that it uses Mann’s PC1, a second strip bark foxtail series, Yamal plus a van Engelen […]

Tingley and Huybers 2009

David Appell has two trailers ( here and here) for his Sci American article [Oct 24 – url] on a “new” hockey stick article by Tingley and Huybers, not yet published, but said to have been submitted. Tingley’s website contains two submissions discussing Bayesian methods, but only one submission (Tingley and Huybers 2009 url (h/t […]

Revkin Interviews Vaclav Smil

Andy Revkin invited me to his on-stage interview [instant replay here] of Vaclav Smil, a “historian of technical advances” and “intellectual agent provocateur”, at a public session of the “Quantum into Chaos Festival” (url) at the Perimeter Institute of Advanced Physics in Waterloo, Ontario near Toronto. Thus off to Waterloo late this morning and back […]

AR4 WGIII Lead Authors' Responses online – at last!

I reported here on my efforts to get the WGIII Review Editors’ comments back online together with the Lead Authors’ Responses and the Review Editors’ Reports.  I had sent Patrick Matschoss, the head of AR5 WGIII TSU an open letter for him to put to the IPCC Bureau urging an open and transparent process in […]

Gavin's Guru and RCS Standardization

Obviously, there has been considerable controversy over the past few days over the Yamal data. First, let’s observe the continued silence of field dendros on the dispute. None have stepped forward so far to support Briffa’s use of 10 cores in 1990 (and 5 in 1995). As others have observed, their silence is rapidly becoming […]